By Emmanuel Wandera

Energy CS. Hon. Charles Keter (with a virtual gear) given a virtual tour of a nuclear power plant at the Nuclear Energy week conference exhibition flanked by Energy PS. Dr. Eng. Joseph Njoroge (seated extreme right), and KNEB Board Member Mr. Joseph Karanja ( Seated extreme left) and KNEB Acting CEO. Eng Collins Juma (seated third right next to the CS)

For three days from 14th to 16th March 2017, Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board- brought together different stakeholders Government officials, local and international energy experts, industry, manufacturers, academia, media, energy utilities, as well as representatives from both the East Africa Community (EAC) member states and some of the other countries pursuing nuclear power generation from around the African continent.

This was during the Kenya nuclear energy week and conference organized by the Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board at Kenyatta International conference centre to discuss nuclear energy development in Kenya and Africa at large.

Over four hundred participants including countries and organizations that have signed partnership agreement to assist Kenya in the development of the country’s nuclear power programme attended the nuclear week. The conference focused on public acceptance, nuclear safety, available nuclear technologies, localization, business opportunities, regulatory framework, vision 2030 energy needs, nuclear careers and opportunities, safety culture, funding and financing.

The conference was geared toward shading light on the country’s nuclear power programme and provision of a platform for better understanding of its role in the energy mix. Further it also presented an opportunity to enhance the understanding of Africa’s nuclear energy ambitions in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan and Uganda.

The conference under the theme ‘Nuclear Electricity for reliable and affordable energy in Kenya’ was opened by Energy and Petroleum Cabinet Secretary Hon. Charles Keter, accompanied by Dr. Eng. Joseph Njoroge the Principal Secretary Energy and other senior Government officials.

Unique to the conference was an exhibition where models of nuclear power plants were displayed and organizations that have partnership agreements with KNEB were given a unique opportunity to pitch their message and showcase the short, medium and potential long-term benefits of the cooperation. Some of these partners included Russia’s ROSTAOM, China CGN, ATKINS, Korea’s KEPCO who demonstrated their experience in the safe management of nuclear power plants in order to boost the confidence building and awareness creation on the subject.

This is the fourth time Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board is having a national and international nuclear stakeholder forum on nuclear energy development with a bid to inform, sensitize and educate stakeholders to Kenya’s nuclear power programme.

KNEB is continually engaging stakeholders on nuclear energy as the country gears towards commissioning its first nuclear power plant in 2027.